Black Panther #104
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  • Personalized service you expect
    from your embroidery digitizing
   and design company.

  • Located in Reno, Nevada USA

  • We use latest technology in
    embroidery digitizing techniques   
    all of our digitizers are
  professionally trained

  • Embroidery Designers who create  
    detailed beautiful designs
Why Advanceddigitizing?
Over 50,000 logos digitized since 2005
Standard Vector    $20.00
Complex Vector    $25.00
Exceptions apply!
Eagle #101
Full Back     $18.00

Left Chest    $8.00
Allow 30 Minutes for your embroidery design to be sent!
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7 Advanced Digitizing and Design
Embroidery Digitizing
3.65"w x 3.46"h
6.65"w x 6.46"h
Advanced Beaver
We offer Embroidery Services:
Reno Embroidery Company
Brown Lab
Worker #154
Racing #130
3.33"w x 1.83"h
1.5"w x 1.75"h
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Unicorn 2011
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Since 2005
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